Post therapy Instructions


Letting blood fill up the socket and keeping the blood clot in the socket is the best way for the extraction site to heal. Avoid sucking on anything (no straws, no smoking etc) and swallow gently to leave the clot undisturbed. Use your mouth as little as possible


If you notice bleeding, where you get clots and strings of blood in your mouth you need to apply pressure to the extraction site for 30-60 minutes with a gauze or a tea bag. Some redness in your saliva is normal for 24-48 hours but globs of blood is too much. Leave the direct pressure for a minimum of 30 minutes before checking and longer is even better.


Some pain and soreness is normal for the first few days. You can manage this with a combination of 400mg Advil (Motrin) and 500mg Tylenol (acetaminophen) taken every 4-8 hours as needed.


If your pain starts getting worse on the fourth or fifth day or later you may have a dry socket. This pain will take care of itself in 3-5 days but can be treated for much quicker relief if you desire. Please call (320) 762-2122


Sometimes swelling can happen and treating with ice is the best method of reducing it. Place an ice bag or bag of frozen corn or peas on the affected area for 10-15 minutes and then remove for 5 minutes repeating this sequence. Swelling will be worst at the beginning and improve over time. Ice will help the sooner you get it on after the extraction.


You may begin rinsing your mouth with ¼ tsp salt in 8oz warm water after 24 hours.


Please call if you have any question or doubts about how your recovery is going. Dr Anderson’s mobile number is 320-333-0591

Crowns, Veneers, Bridges


Please call if you have any question or doubts about how your recovery is going. Dr Anderson’s mobile number is 320-333-0591


Temporaries are there for your comfort. We want them to stay on so chewing gently (no hard or sticky foods) brushing gently, and not flossing help a lot. Please be gentle with your mouth and the temporaries. If something comes off and you are not too uncomfortable don’t worry. We can put it back on if you like or we can wait till the delivery appointment. If you are uncomfortable or it looks bad or is sharp please call and we will get you in ASAP to repair it.

Cleaning Checkup Periodontal Treatment


It is quite common for your gums to be a bit sore after a prophylaxis or periodontal treatment. This will improve in a day or two and managing with Tylenol of Advil should make it better. If you have more trouble or the soreness focuses in one tooth area please call to be evaluated. You may need antibiotics or to be seen for resolution. Please call.


It is common for your teeth to become sensitive to cold after a cleaning. Spending a little extra time brushing with Sensodyne Pronamel tooth paste will cure your sensitivity. If it persists please call.


Please brush your teeth especially well after your cleaning to speed healing. Some bleeding on brushing for the first 2-3 days would be normal. As your gums heal this bleeding will stop and you will be much healthier.

Root Canal Treatments


one discomfort is common for the first few days after a root canal treatment as you body heals. If your pain is not controllable with a combination of 500mg Tylenol and 400mg Advil please call as you may need an antibiotic.


Occasionally you may have some swelling after a root canal treatment. This may indicate the need for an antibiotic so please call us. Hot and cold compresses are not usually very effective for swelling after RCT so avoid ice packs and call us.


If your bite feels high so that this is the only tooth, or the first tooth touching when you close your mouth you may need a bite adjustment and it will help a lot. Please call and we will be glad to make that adjustment.

Fillings, Crown Cementation


Occasionally with numbness you do not close your mouth fully or normally when we adjust your bite on new fillings or crowns. Your teeth need to fit together perfectly so that you cannot tell that we have put anything new in your mouth (new filling or new crown) If you get home and the numbness goes out and you can still feel something “new” when you bite together please call and we will do an adjustment. Leaving teeth hitting to hard or biting high can injure the tooth and cause an abscess. Please call and let us adjust the bite.

Orthodontics and Invisalign


Teeth have to get sore and bruised feeling in order to move so don’t worry if your teeth feel weak or loose or sore, that’s normal


Your lips cheeks and tongue need to toughen up a little, but if your new appliances or braces are poking you, you can put wax on the bracket or wire that is poking. If the irritation continues we should be able to adjust the wire or bracket to be more comfortable.Please call and we will be happy to take a look at it.

Healthy Start Appliances

The main thing to know with healthy start is that it may fall out at night for the first few days. Please be persistent and continue to wear it every night. Sometimes wearing the appliance during the day for 3-4 stretches of 10-20 minutes at a time can train the tongue and cheeks to wear it better for the night time. Try practicing during the day and breathing through the nose all the time.

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