Dental Exam & Cleaning

Regular dental exams and cleanings are a very important part of the overall health of your mouth and your whole body.

For most people, the well known 6 month cleaning is appropriate. For some people in good health 12 months can be very adequate. And for others we recommend a cleaning every 3-4 months with an exam once per year.

During the Continuing Care appointment we also do a thorough examination including a head and neck cancer screening, mirror and explorer exam of your teeth, laser examination of the biting surface of your teeth, an infrared light examination of the sides of your teeth, an x-ray looking at bone level and decay between teeth, an evaluation of your jaw joint function along with muscle and bone condition, and evaluation of the bite and alignment of your teeth.

We may also give you suggestions on cosmetic options and give you a projection of your possible dental needs over the next several years. This comprehensive exam and evaluation puts you in the drivers seat with all the information you need to make good informed decisions about the future of your dental and oral health. This is done in a completely shame free, no obligation, helpful and professional setting.

We are here to help you be just as healthy and you want to be. (320) 762-2122

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