Need Orthodontic Treatment in Alexandria?

Experience 21st Century Laser Dentistry in Alexandria!

Lasers are coming of age in dentistry. A laser is a very powerful, precise, accurate beam of light of a certain color that can be focused on a very small area for a dramatic effect.

  1. We use lasers for seeing into your tooth to detect decay. This is the Diagnodent and it gives us a very accurate readout of the amount and depth of decay inside the tooth even if we can’t see or feel it.
  2. We use lasers to kill the bacteria that cause periodontal disease and to stimulate the body to heal quickly. Gum tissue responds especially favorably to this decontamination and healing with our Epicx Biolase diode laser.
  3. We use lasers to cleanly, bloodlessly, painlessly, cut soft tissue. This includes relieving tethered oral tissues under the tongue (tongue tie), excess connections between the upper lip and front gum tissue keeping the two front teeth from touching, removing lumps and bumps in the soft tissue, and reshaping irregular gum tissue around teeth for cosmetic reasons.
  4. We use lasers to do the “drilling” for fillings on any teeth. With no needles, no numbness, no drilling, no grinding sounds we can remove decay to put in white fillings. The laser improves bond strength and lets us remove less tooth structure leaving the tooth stronger than if a drill was used and leaving you with a better patient experience by far.
  5. We use lasers to accelerate the tooth whitening process during in-office bleaching.

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