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Covid19 - Safety


Our Covid-19 Mitigation Stratigies

Our goal is NO COVID-19 IN THE BUILDING. Our practice is that we treat everyone as if they are infective and take all steps to protect ourselves and our patients from everyone.

All the recommended PPE: Head cover, N-95 mask with second cover mask, eye shield, arm cover gown, gloves

We do the Covid-19 questionnaire temperature and blood oxygen level with every person that comes into the building and we do not let any Covid-19 positive or suspicious person in.

Every patient begins with a mouth rinse of a virus-killing mouthwash (H2O2)

Autoclave sterilization of all instruments

Plexiglass shields and masks for reception office team / plexiglass separations to isolate operatories

Low aerosol Solea laser (replacement for the high aerosol dental drill)

RenewAire outdoor air exchanger

Plasma Air purifier on ventilation system

SanUV ultraviolet operator air sterilizer

Socially distanced reception room

Vacuum shield for all aerosol producing procedures

Daily on-site production of Hypochlorous acid a powerful surface and air virus killer

We fog between patients with Hypochlorous acid to sanatize the room air

We fog our uniforms to sanatize between patients

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